Club Owned Models

This page shows a few of the club’s own aircraft used for training.
 The foamie ‘V’ Trainer is a good beginners plane and it continues to give good service having survived many ‘early arrivals’. The kit came complete with ESC and motor.
Club's 'V' trainer

Club’s ‘V’ trainer

The photos below show four of the club’s other outdoor trainers. The first photo is of the club’s, recent addition to its training fleet, a Delta Ray used for initial training, the second shows two ARTF Boomerangs used as 4 channel trainers, whilst the centre model is a 3 channel Super 60.

The ARTF’s  were altered to tail draggers with new carbon fibre undercarriage being fitted. They have proved to be good models for training using the club’s Spektrum radios with ‘Buddy’ leads.

Club's Training Delta Ray

Club’s Training Delta Ray

Two ARTF and a Super 60

Two Club Boomerang Trainers and a Super 60