Flight Training

It is within the ethos of the Dornoch Model Flying Club to provide members with flight training using either member’s models or club’s (in-door and out-door models).  Prospective members will also be offered an introductory flight and such flights will be covered by the Club’s BMFA insurance.

Club training is offered free of charge (*) with the understanding that once competent a member will offer the same service to others.

It is to be noted that where Junior members are concerned even though all Instructors are members of the PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) scheme it is requested that parents/guardians accompany their children during training sessions wherever possible.

To arrange a training session members are requested to pre arrange with one of the Instructors listed on the Committee Members page.

                  * Commercial organisations charge £40 per hour minimum 2 hours.
  • Club's Training Delta Ray

The Club’s Delta Ray is used for initial training since it has ‘Safe’ Technology which  gives improved confidence early on in the training process.