Flying Sites

Flying Sites (Dornoch Airfield and West Church Hall)

The club members fly regularly at the Dornoch Airfield where model flying has taken place since before WW2.  In addition In-door flying sessions take place during the winter months at the Dornoch West Church Hall (see Diary Dates for details).

The Dornoch Airfield is used for all disciplines except Control Line and Free Flight, and following recent CAA directives Multirotor (Drones).  Currently there are no restrictions on times or days of the week when the Airfield can be used. This operational airstrip, on public owned land, is also used by light and micro-light aircraft, it is therefore recommended that model aircraft pilots use a ‘spotter’ at all times to monitor use of the airstrip.  The Club uses an ‘Air-Band’ radio to monitor aircraft traffic in the area.


Dornoch Airfield looking East


Dornoch Airfield looking West